Bricks For Life


What is  Bricks For Life  PROGRAM

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project,
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Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction
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The purpose of the “Bricks For Life” Program is to create an opportunity for young adults and their families, to learn and develop working skills that prepare them to carve their way into the working society. The immense majority of children in Tanzania do not attend secondary school. In Tanzania, 44% of the population is under age 15. These children leave school at that age or older, unprepared to take technical jobs or contribute with specialized skills to sustain their families or, if orphans, themselves. They have few chances to  improve their quality of life.
Significant poverty reduction in Tanzania will depend on higher growth rates in the rural economy, particularly in the agricultural, construction and infrastructure sectors.

Our goal is to use architecture as an instrument for learning ( brick-making, masonry, carpentry, eco-orchard, eco-garden, water harvesting projects, solar power/water heating projects, sciences lab, etc.).

The development of a full education program within Community Learning Centers (architecture as learning tool, phased-program for re-socialisation, Basic Life Skills, income-generating skills, etc) will allow the community to educate themselves and profit within their community.

Each project is followed from start to finish: Research, Design, Simulation, Implement, Evaluation. We research conditions, survey, consult, evaluate data, design industrial, technological, architectural and educational solutions, implement construction and programs and evaluate results.

The program  ‘Bricks For Life”, with the support of the Karatu District Council, will be creating the KARATU COMMUNITY CULTURAL AND LEARNING CENTER (KCCLC).
The Center will be a modern and sustainable earth architecture building complex equipped with Workshops, Offices, Traditional Arts and Crafts Shop, Ngorongoro-Oldupai-Serengeti Safari Museum, Culinary School, Kitchen, Vegetable Garden, Cafeteria, Multipurpose Hall, and a Visiting Teachers and Students Village.

The Center will be a cultural and technological beacon for the region. It will host multiple vocational training seminars in cooperation with international and national organizations.

It will assure its sustainability by providing earth architecture services to the community and as a tourist entertainment and cultural attraction.

Bricks for Life  
Theory of Change

Implementation Strategy

Learn about Soil, Types, Qualities, Uses, Stabilization, Lime , Cement.

Learn how to make good stabilized solid blocks CSEB, different types for different uses- brickyard organization and management.

Learn how to build with bricks, walls, arches, vaults, domes, rammed earth foundations and walls, wattle and dub restoration.

Learn about energy, sanitation, conservation, recycling, environment,maintenance.

Build CCL Center: Build Houses for Students and Teachers, Build Storage Rooms, Build Kitchen and Offices, Build Hall, Build Exhibition Pavilion.

Develop programs in the Center to teach and spread knowledge of all the above to the community.

Promote creation of SME (Small-Medium Enterprises) for all the above.

Create an urban expansion design plan, require permits and qualification for building, provide assistance for construction and training to the community. New, better, affordable, more modern houses, new schools and public facilities. Slum upgrade.


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