School Kitchens

The first production of CSEB blocks produced in Gyekrum Lambo School are going to build two new kitchens in the Marera and G lambo-Gendaa villages near Karatu. The project is sponsored by donors of Karatu Education Fund.

Your help is needed to raise money in an effort to help build a simple and sustainably built this type of Kitchen structure with 2 Energy Efficient Stove Units at other Primary Schools. For many children at schools, lunch is often their main meal of the day. New Kitchens Units are greatly needed to be able to provide lunch to all of the children.

Your donations to Karatu Education Fund will go directly to this project.

Existing kitchen in Shule School



G lambo School Kitchen Completed January 22, 2021.

This project was executed with CSEB blocks made in the same school by local young workers. The construction was directed by mason Abdulahi Saidi without external aid and with free interpretation of the plans made by Alberto Navarro.

Master Mason Abdulahi Saidi
Abdulahi Saidi closing the door after finishing the project.

Kitchen in Askofu almost finished…